Inbound Marketing


Your brand is developed through consistent, meaningful contact with your customers – and that and extends into ALL aspects of your business. This includes aesthetic used in your advertising and marketing campaigns, the frequency and effectiveness of your written and verbal communications, and even your ability to stay relevant even beyond the point of sale.

The feelings and associations people have about your brand are developed over time and through repeated exposure to the products, services, spaces, campaigns, and people who work for you. These impression are reinforced by implementing strategic marketing which communicates your company’s values, educates your consumers, and keeps critical core messages in the public eye.

Successful branding has occurred when your company is easily recognized and your products and services have a quickly associated, positive appeal.

Creating Campaigns That Work To.

A well articulated visual identity commonly starts with the creation of a unique and memorable mark (or logo). This mark should convey important information about your organization and reflect the mood of the products or services that you provide. Most logos are derived from graphic elements (custom illustrations/photos), unique typography, or a combination of both.

Act One Creative — Branding Expertise and Experience.

Over the years we have worked with many businesses — from small start-ups to large corporations — to define, craft, and update their identities and to help them establish their brand. The team at Act One Creative has a number of specialized degrees and over 40 years of practical experience doing just that, and under the direction of Altos we can put it to good use. And, because we keep “big picture” marketing in mind, we are able to provide you with much more than logo development. We’ll develop a strategic and cohesive visual identity for you, apply it consistently throughout your business and marketing materials, and help you achieve brand recognition.